ab initio

IPA: ˈæbɪnˈɪtioʊ


  • (law) From the time when a law, legal right or decree, contract, ownership interest, partnership (etc.) comes into force.
  • (sciences) Calculated from first principles, i.e. from basic laws without any further additional assumptions.
  • (of an academic course) Taken with no prior qualifications.

abatement ab initio

IPA: ʌbˈeɪtmʌntæbɪnɪtioʊ


  • (law) A common law legal doctrine stating that the death of a defendant who is appealing a criminal conviction vacates the conviction.

Examples of "ab-initio" in Sentences

  • In some states (such as New York) such loans are voided ab-initio [18]
  • Similar calculations are performed in molecular simulation by packages such as VASP Vienna ab-initio Package Simulation and Gaussian.
  • Don Hamann and Michael Schlüter were doing ab-initio density functional computations for semiconductor surfaces, interfaces, and defects.
  • Any reference, by you, to the Board, of your private decision is and will be, wholly un-constitutional, illegal and null and void ab-initio.
  • This is an ab-initio quantum mechanical method in which we use the Schrödinger equation and assume the nuclei are at equilibrium and unperturbed.
  • Although there has been some success in the prediction of RNA structure from sequence ab-initio protein folding remains a difficult challenge see review by R.Das and D.Baker.
  • As mentioned above even without a complete ab-initio folding model, it is possible to predict for some sequences what is their structure or determine to what protein/domain family the sequence belongs from comparative genomics analysis.
  • Presently, most of the companies have filed civil suits against their respective banks seeking a declaration that the contract is void ab-initio under the provisions of the Contract Act. A few banks have also rushed for settlements, sharing a substantial portion of the loss on their own account.

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