IPA: eɪbiˈeɪ


  • A coarse, often striped, felted fabric from the Middle East, woven from goat or camel hair.
  • A loose-fitting sleeveless garment, made from aba or silk, worn by Arabs.
  • An outer garment made of the above, very simple in form, worn by the Arabs of the desert. The illustration shows such an aba, made of two breadths of stuff sewed together to make an oblong about four by nine feet.
  • Such a garment that is specific to women.
  • An altazimuth used for astronomy on either land or water.
  • The electric fish Gymnarchus niloticus (frankfish, freshwater rat-tail, African knifefish), found in swamps, lakes and rivers in Africa.
  • The largest city in Abia State, Nigeria.
  • Synonym of Ngawa: the Mandarin Chinese-derived name.
  • Initialism of Amateur Boxing Association.
  • Initialism of American Bar Association.
  • Initialism of American Booksellers Association.
  • Initialism of applied behavior analysis.

Examples of "aba" in Sentences

  • Oh, and be careful with the ABA.
  • ABA light welterweight champion.
  • Basketball had the NBA and the ABA.
  • It belonged to the estate of the Aba clan.
  • And on the ABA page it will be problematic.
  • For an explanation of ABA accreditation, see.
  • Not related to the defunct Chicago Soldiers of the ABA.
  • Davis became the oldest rookie in the history of the ABA.
  • Both the ABA and the NBL had declined to sanction the event.
  • The dispersal of ABA players had been particularly beneficial to the Blazers.
  • Supposedly, the Black Rock of the Ka'aba is a remnant of the altar that Abraham prepared.
  • (aba akaki kOrOmObO kOnOmibumu, 'I like red clothes'); you can hear it spoken here (mpg file).
  • For the Akan culture originating from Western Africa the name wawa aba is a symbol of persistence.
  • The wawa aba is the seed of the wawa tree, one of the strongest and most processible woods of Africa.
  • Besides the worship of Tsong K'aba's image, we witnessed many other weird and interesting ceremonies during our residence in Kumbum.
  • Anent this question the Tibetan legends speak of a strange lama who came to the land of Amdo from the far western regions and resided in Tsong K'aba's tent, a man of wondrous learning and piety, having a big nose and bright dashing eyes.
  • Not only by the immense number of adherents that were won to his views during his lifetime, but also by the literary productions he left behind him, Tsong K'aba's influence has been great during the last five centuries of Tibetan history.
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