IPA: ˈæbʌkʌ


  • Musa textilis, a species of banana tree native to the Philippines grown for its textile, rope- and papermaking fibre.
  • (uncountable) The fiber of this plant, used in rope, fibers, and cloth

Examples of "abaca" in Sentences

  • Abaca fiber helps livelihood in the province.
  • The export crops are mainly Abaca and coconut.
  • People in Southern Leyte also go into abaca planting.
  • The local major export products are abaca hemp and copra.
  • This has been successful in the abaca business enterprise.
  • Products included abaca, coconuts and coconut oil, sugar, and timber.
  • On 2003, a certain virus threatens the abaca industry in the province.
  • The product was made from powder coated iron frame with abaca rope weaving.
  • Abaca is a plant, and its leaves are used to make fibre known as Manila hemp.
  • Designs mainly focus on nature's forms using rattan, buri, bamboo, and abaca.
  • Besides abaca and copra, the most vital export is human talent and technology.
  • Adding tactile rugs—everything from wool kilim to plush chenille to nubby abaca—introduces another layer of textural depth.
  • We were shown a species of banana, called abaca, the finer filaments of which, mixed with silk, are manufactured into native cloth.
  • The latter, which was made of "abaca," the fibre of a banana, vulgarly called "Manilla hemp," although recommended on account of its great elasticity, was not of much use on board ship.
  • Their gorgeous line of residential fabrics do not have any toxic finishes and are made from 100 percent biodegradable natural fibers including bamboo, hemp, linen, organic cotton, , abaca and wool.
  • OEcotextiles uses a variety of fibers, including linen from Italy, organic cotton from Peru, bamboo from China, hemp from Romania, and abaca from Ecuador, all grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
  • This was extremely useful as many of us are familiar with eco-fibers like bamboo, hemp, organic cotton or wool, and soybean, but are less familiar with abaca, lyocell, mud silk, sasawashi, or peace silk, for example.
  • This has to be a good thing given that just a few years ago no one would have imagined names like Givenchy, Versace, or Burberry coming together to explore the possibilities of fibers like hemp, abaca, or bamboo for their future collections.
  • To anchor the restaurant in its location, Rockwell Group surrounded the restaurant walls and ceilings with large hand-woven curvilinear abaca panels to evoke an environment submerged under an ocean wave, and added accents of traditional Middle Eastern vernacular architecture such as hand-wrought iron columns of flowers, leaves and buds.
  • Others can decipher the calendar and the lives of the saints, can sign their names with tolerable facility, and can make the simpler arithmetical calculations with the help of the stchety, a little calculating instrument, composed of wooden balls strung on brass wires, which resembles the "abaca" of the old Romans, and is universally used in Russia.

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