IPA: ˈæbʌkʌs


  • (historical, obsolete) A table or tray scattered with sand which was used for calculating or drawing.
  • A device used for performing arithmetical calculations; (rare) a table on which loose counters are placed, or (more commonly) an instrument with beads sliding on rods, or counters in grooves, with one row of beads or counters representing units, the next tens, etc.
  • (architecture) The uppermost portion of the capital of a column immediately under the architrave, in some cases a flat oblong or square slab, in others more decorated.
  • (Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, historical) A board, tray, or table, divided into perforated compartments for holding bottles, cups, or the like; a kind of buffet, cupboard, or sideboard.

Examples of "abacus" in Sentences

  • The abacus is developed in Japan.
  • The abacus was used for arithmetic tasks.
  • The user of an abacus is called an abacist.
  • The echinus is convex and the abacus is square.
  • This source explains only the mechanism of the Chinese abacus.
  • The spaces between the lines function as the wires on an abacus.
  • The abacus article clearly states that the first abacus was a sand table.
  • It doesn't actually do the calculating, that's left up to the abacus operator.
  • The design of the first and third stories is like that of a bead on an abacus.
  • Above the capital is a square abacus connecting the capital to the entablature.
  • The Romans also made a mechanical version, with beads sliding in slots, called an abacus.
  • The columns of these pillared porches have sixteen flutings, a plain abacus, and no plinth.
  • Thus the fourth column from the west is his, and perhaps the fifth up to the abacus, which is convex and of limestone.
  • Let the height of the capital be divided into three parts, and give one to the plinth (that is, the abacus), the second to the echinus, and the third to the necking with its congé.
  • More specifically, Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway for its five big bills got an issue of perpetual preferred Goldman shares with a neat 10% annual dividend, which according to our abacus translates into $5 million a year.
  • If you put it down there, where the abacus is the machine's computer would simple take charge of it and offer you lots of nice user-friendly time-travel applications complete with pull-down menus and desk accessories if you like.
  • It now had fence slats and feed bags laid across, and held all types of useful things—shuttlecocks, disposable cameras, Play-Doh molds, and so on—things Joey found discarded, including a functional abacus, which is really quite rare.
  • For higher columns the other proportions will be the same, but the length and breadth of the abacus will be the thickness of the lower diameter of a column plus one ninth part thereof; thus, just as the higher the column the less the diminution, so the projection of its capital is proportionately increased and its breadth [2] is correspondingly enlarged.

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