IPA: ʌbˈæft


  • (nautical) On the aft side; in the stern.
  • (nautical, obsolete) Backwards.

Examples of "abaft" in Sentences

  • Abaft the engine room is the after cabin.
  • Her pilothouse was located abaft the stack.
  • It struck on the boat deck, abaft of the bridge.
  • A collapsible derrick crane was fitted port abaft.
  • Yawls are defined as having the mizzen mast abaft ie.
  • Yawls are defined as having the mizzen mast abaft i.e.
  • The bunk next on the port side to the cook's and abaft of it
  • Tangier, still abaft Utah, was in the fight from the beginning.
  • An object nearer the stern than the mainmast is abaft the mainmast.
  • A huge new lattice foremast was fitted immediately abaft the bridge.
  • The next one abaft of his own he named "Killeny Boy's," and called on
  • A large mainsail is rigged abaft the mast s and usually a jib in front of it.
  • He made his way to the yam sacks lashed abaft the mizzenmast and got his bottle.
  • "She's been needing new timbers abaft the beam there for years," quoth Captain Glass.
  • At sea a bonaventure was the French name for a very short mizzen mast, stepped abaft a tall mainmast—in much the same way that this young Indian lad tagged along behind the governor.
  • Fidel Castro started his life journey from a sugar cane farm in Cuba 80 years ago; stood in the abaft and victoriously led the Cubans in the rebellion against the Batistans at the age of 32.
  • Charles Davis came abaft the 'midship-house, and, while we talked, many faces peered over the for'ard edge of the house and many forms slouched into view on the deck on each side of the house.
  • Her interior was wholly rebuilt, so that the hold became main-cabin and staterooms, while abaft amidships were installed engines, a dynamo, an ice machine, storage batteries, and, far in the stern, gasoline tanks.
  • A nao was a Portuguese term nef or nau in French for a full-rigged round ship, with large square-rigged sails on two or three masts, sometimes with a lateen-rigged mizzen and a smaller mast called a bonaventure abaft the mizzen.
  • And then there's what Hyundai called the Ultimate package, a Maybach-like set of business-class power reclining seats in the back, with heating and massage; power headrests with tilt-in adjustable bolsters like some airline seats; a refrigerator in the center console, abaft of the rear seat/climate/entertainment control panel and 8-inch display; and three window shades for the full celebrity treatment.

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