IPA: ʌbˈæʃ


  • (transitive) To make ashamed; to embarrass; to destroy the self-possession of, as by exciting suddenly a consciousness of guilt, mistake, or inferiority; to disconcert; to discomfit.
  • (intransitive, obsolete) To lose self-possession; to become ashamed.

Examples of "abash" in Sentences

  • I am abashed at your compliments.
  • Abashed, he let the women pass on.
  • She feels proud, astonished, abashed.
  • He is felt abashed about the circumstances.
  • He is somewhat abashed of both circumstances.
  • The yokel may be checked, abashed, and undone.
  • Sohrab was abashed when he heard the words of Hooman.
  • You must find those ADULTS to expect the abash these themes.
  • I was immensely thankful, touched, proud, astonished, abashed.
  • Nor am I inclined to feel abashed by some youngster's emotional blackmail.
  • He wished the princesses were there to show them how abashed they should be.
  • “And sore must be the storm / That could abash the little bird / That kept so many warm.”
  • He did not abash me by causelesly laying my disorder on his story, and by offering to discontinue or postpone it.
  • Then said Brynhild, “Ill to abash folk of their mirth; prithee do not so; let us talk together for our disport of mighty kings and their great deeds.”
  • Admiration was not in it, for it did not agitate; nor audacity, for it did not abash; but something that thrilled warm through blood and nerves, that filled her with a glad submission to some power, absolute yet tender, and caused her to turn . . .
  • Judah or Israel, descended from the rocks and caverns in which he dwelt in abstracted solitude, to abash earthly tyrants in the midst of their pride, by discharging on them the blighting denunciations of Divine Majesty, even as the cloud discharges the lightnings with which it is fraught on the pinnacles and towers of castles and palaces.

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