IPA: ʌbˈæʃt


  • Embarrassed, disconcerted, or ashamed.

Examples of "abashed" in Sentences

  • I am abashed at your compliments.
  • Abashed, he let the women pass on.
  • She feels proud, astonished, abashed.
  • He is felt abashed about the circumstances.
  • He is somewhat abashed of both circumstances.
  • The yokel may be checked, abashed, and undone.
  • Sohrab was abashed when he heard the words of Hooman.
  • I was immensely thankful, touched, proud, astonished, abashed.
  • Nor am I inclined to feel abashed by some youngster's emotional blackmail.
  • He wished the princesses were there to show them how abashed they should be.
  • Nothing abashed him, nor was he appalled by the display and culture and power around him.
  • "What did you think of the —" He hesitated, abashed at his first attempt to use a strange word.
  • But at least DeNiro has the grace to look abashed, which is more than can be said about Pacino (
  • I spent the ride home abashed and fuming at myself, and at Mary, and at the confusion I felt again with this case.
  • The sun had an angry look, and a few light, fleecy "nigger-heads" in that quarter seemed abashed and frightened and soon disappeared.
  • "Do I interrupt a rehearsal?" he asked; but there was nothing in the way he walked across the room to Hilda Howe to suggest that the idea abashed him.
  • [28] Mr. Bain (` The Emotions and the Will, 'p. 64) has discussed the "abashed" feelings experienced on these occasions, as well as the stage-fright of actors unused to the stage.
  • Once, the director says, he was editing the little-girl-in-the-well scene—a staple of Burmeister productions—when he was abashed to discover that he had inadvertently shot the girl standing alongside the firemen outside the hole.
  • Lanon de Larenaudiere, Président du Tribunal, &c. It is not possible for me to convey to you a notion of the warmth, cordiality, and joyousness of heart, that marked the reception which this gentleman instantly gave me: and I will frankly own that I was as much "abashed" as ever our ancient friend Caxton had been -- in the presence of his patroness the Duchess of

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