IPA: ʌbˈeɪsɪk


  • (medicine) Of, pertaining to or caused by abasia.
  • (biochemistry, of a site in a DNA molecule) That has neither a purine nor a pyrimidine base.
  • (genetics, biochemistry) Missing a nucleotide base

Examples of "abasic" in Sentences

  • 7, Ku nicks DNA 3′ of an abasic site by a mechanism involving a Schiff-base covalent intermediate with the abasic site.
  • In this study, we present X-ray structures of a DNA polymerase caught while incorporating a nucleotide opposite an abasic site.
  • A key feature of biological sources of strand breaks is associated nucleotide damage, including base loss (abasic or apurinic/apyrimidinic (AP) sites) 2.
  • An abasic site residue at position n, i.e. opposite the 3'-end of the primer, prevents binding of INDOPY-1, while an abasic site at the adjacent position n+1 has no effect.
  • Although these lesions are devoid of the genetic information, adenine is most efficiently inserted when abasic sites are bypassed by DNA polymerases, a phenomenon termed A-rule.
  • It fills the vacant space of the absent template nucleobase and thereby mimics a pyrimidine nucleobase directing for preferential purine incorporation opposite abasic residues because of enhanced geometric fit to the active site.
  • The tyrosine is located in motif B and highly conserved throughout evolution from bacteria to humans indicating a general amino acid templating mechanism for bypass of non-instructive lesions by DNA polymerases at least from this sequence family. abasic sites,
  • The effects of aging and CR on the presence of abasic sites and single-strand breaks of the sugar-phosphate backbone in mtDNA have been analyzed by applying Ligation Mediated-PCR to a H strand region of brain mtDNA from young and old ad libitum-fed and old CR-treated rats.
  • As is already the case in Scotland and Wales, so in the cities and counties of England, voters should be free to make choices they can make in every other European country, about how much to tax themselves to support schools, clinics, roads and social services above abasic minimum.

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