IPA: ʌbˈætwˈɑr


  • A public slaughterhouse for cattle, sheep, etc.
  • A place or event likened to a slaughterhouse, because of great carnage or bloodshed.

Examples of "abattoir" in Sentences

  • The major employer is an abattoir.
  • She works as a meat cutter at an abattoir.
  • The city's abattoir was also in the Rialto.
  • In later life an abattoir was located here.
  • A large abattoir is also situated in the town.
  • The Olympic site was once a stockyard and abattoir.
  • An abattoir operated in the area up until the 1950s.
  • The animal was taken to a local abattoir for slaughter.
  • An abattoir operates for only short periods of the year.
  • "Fuck," said Svart Annika afterward, "It looks like an abattoir in here."
  • From the stockyards, the livestock were transported by truck to the abattoir.
  • Ablative somehow reminds me of the word abattoir, which is more disgusting than evil.
  • The abattoir is a community owned facility and we want this to be a part of our community for
  • The issue of the abattoir was the straw that broke the camel's back, "he told reporters at DAP headquarters here today.
  • "The Killarney people are very disappointed because the opportunity to pick up work in town is very limited, the abattoir is the biggest employer in town," he said.
  • She said that to appreciate Beauty you have to find it in the ugly, like a puppy running into traffic, ash from an abattoir sifted on the trees, a flower under a tractor wheel or an abandoned pram among other junk by the tracks.
  • Acknowledging the support of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Cokanasiga said the services of Dr. Ilagi Puana is quite valuable and has filled one the crucial point of meat preparation at the abattoir which is meat inspection.
  • In the meanwhile Orinoco—her nails long since cleansed underneath but now painted in the darkest black cherry possible—had exercised the good sense to rely on thin even coats of sweet-scent morticians' wax to impart a semblance of freshness, pots of heavy black coffee each night to abate her abattoir breath, and incessant cigarettes to keep her lips warm.

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