IPA: ʌbˈɑjʌ


  • Synonym of aba
  • A surname from Tagalog.

Examples of "abaya" in Sentences

  • The abaya was an unknown word in Urdu.
  • Added a see also section with abadan, abaya, and aba.
  • It does not mean the whole black dress called the Abaya.
  • I'm guessing it was either jilbab and khimar, or abaya and niqab.
  • I think that would leave you with chador, burqa, abaya, niqab, etc.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the abaya is not mandated by the Qur'an.
  • The abaya is a traditional dress and currently comes in different styles.
  • Crocodiles inhabit both lakes and there is a crocodile farm near Lake Abaya.
  • Female diplomat Latha Reddy was permitted not to wear the abaya or the hijab.
  • Pinned to the abaya was a message that read, “She was a collaborator against Islam.”
  • The abaya is a long over-garment essentially a robe-like dress with black as the most predominant color among Muslim women.
  • A small minority of Muslim women in certain parts of the world wear what is known as the abaya (black cloak) and the niqab (face veil).
  • State Department guidelines note, for example, that the religious police can "pressure women to wear" the full-length black covering known as an abaya, "and to cover their heads."

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