IPA: ˈæb


  • A type of yarn for the warp.
  • A rough wool from the inferior parts of the fleece, used for the woof or weft.
  • (UK) A filling pick used in weaving.

Examples of "abb" in Sentences

  • Abb's Head lighthouse and foghorn.
  • Treschow is also a board member at ABB.
  • Magnification and the Abbe sine condition.
  • ABB and Siemens split the generator business.
  • The turnkey project was awarded in 1996 to ABB.
  • Abbe was a renowned surgeon and medical pioneer.
  • One example of the latter is the by the ABB Group.
  • The level of cruelty and sadism of Abbes is legendary.
  • The word abbé, let it be remembered, signifies father.
  • Cleveland Abbe was the founder of the U.S. Weather Bureau.
  • Hobhouse (note viii.), "called the abbé's memoirs a 'labour of love'
  • Lake Abbe is the ultimate destination of the waters of the Awash River.
  • The thing about abb is that none of his views are based on any kind of observed or lived reality.
  • That indefinable character which is neither ecclesiastical nor secular, which we call abbé, is unknown in England.
  • "That indefinable being, who is neither ecclesiastic nor secular, in a word, who is called abbé, is an unknown species in
  • January 9th, 2010 at 4: 29 pm abb, is it also your opinion that all residents of Park Slope speak the same distinctive dialect of English as the Hasidim who raised you?
  • Though abb is being willfully obtuse to allow no chinks in the armour of his dogmatic wikipedia version of Marxism, here is, well, a wikipedia version of Standard Black English for those interested.
  • This statement shows shocking ignorance of hte development of American English, preceded by a definition that abb is ignorant of same but feels informed enough by his cliff’s notes Marxism to hold forth anyway.
  • How different the view opened to us by the possibility of soul being apportioned in various measure among the lower animals: there is a clue given "to justify the ways of God to" -- brutes: we need not then consider, with a certain French abbé, that they are fallen angels, doing penance for their sins; we need not, with old Pythagoras and latter Brahmins, account them stationed lodges, homes of transmigration for the spirits of men in process of being purged from their offences: we need not regard them as Avatars of Vishnu, or incarnations of Apis, visible deities craving the idolatries of India and Egypt.

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