IPA: ˈæbʌsi


  • The dignity, estate, term, or jurisdiction of an abbot or abbess.

Examples of "abbacy" in Sentences

  • Early career and abbacy of Melrose.
  • He would spend much of his abbacy there also.
  • It is a territorial abbacy and not part of a diocese.
  • He then took over the lay abbacy of Saint Germain d'Auxerre too.
  • The abbey itself is a territorial abbacy and not part of a diocese.
  • They are to be distinguished from a territorial abbacy or abbey nullius .
  • Lucerius' abbacy was a period of growth and expansion on the part of the abbey.
  • An event of his abbacy was the interment in Croyland church of the Saxon Earl Walthe of
  • The list is arranged chronologically by the date of appointment of the abbot to the cardinalate or of the cardinal to the abbacy.
  • A large part of the present building was constructed during the abbacy of William Parker, last Abbot of Gloucester, around the year 1520.
  • During the abbacy of Geoffrey (1037-1052) Mary was recognized as the patron of that church in a papal bull dated April 27, 1050, by Pope Leo IX.
  • Short though his abbacy was, he brought great prestige to the foundation as it became a burial place for several kings. posted by John at 8: 36 PM
  • They'll-get-you-coming-and-going, from his Grove entry: Apart from [his appointment as Abbot of] Löpsingen, he had three sources of income — a stipend from the Sacra Congregatio de Propaganda Fide in Rome, the abbacy of San Stefano in Carrara, near Padua, and a provostship in the Rhenish town of Seltz.
  • Paschal, in response to this criticism and schismatis et discordiae metuens, recanted his decision to allow Bruno to be both abbot and bishop at once and compelled him to return to Segni. 15 If Bruno had seen the abbacy of Monte Cassino as placing him closer to the papacy, this certainly put an end to that ambition.
  • Bride, do you, father Jerome, the abbot of said house, to know, that finding you were disposed to treat me as a prisoner and a spy, in the sanctuary to which you had received me as a distressed person, I have resolved to use my natural liberty, with which you have no right to interfere, and therefore have withdrawn myself from your abbacy.

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