IPA: ˈæbi


  • Alternative spelling of abbé [(obsolete) A French abbot, the (male) head of an abbey.]

Examples of "abbe" in Sentences

  • Magnification and the Abbe sine condition.
  • Abbe was a renowned surgeon and medical pioneer.
  • The level of cruelty and sadism of Abbes is legendary.
  • Cleveland Abbe was the founder of the U.S. Weather Bureau.
  • I then wrote the letter of which the abbe was to be the bearer.
  • The abbe was my inseparable companion through the whole first day.
  • There was an instant's silence; the abbe was the first to break it.
  • Lake Abbe is the ultimate destination of the waters of the Awash River.
  • "Did I not tell you," said Pompadour, "that the abbe was a precious man?"
  • The abbe was a native of Brescia, but he had chosen Sorento as his residence.
  • Of all the persons who witnessed Baron d'Escorval's terrible fall, the abbe was the only one who did not despair.
  • She knows my concern, and shall be made acquainted with yours, and her knowing that the abbe is a man of merit will be sufficient to make her interest herself in his behalf.
  • You are aware that the abbe is a remarkable violinist: he sent for his instrument; M. Larinski seated himself at the piano, and the two gentlemen played a concert by M.zart -- divine music performed by two angels of the first class.
  • The Italian and the abbe were the first who began to grow whimsical under the influence of the burgundy; and, in the heat of their elevation, proposed that the company should amuse themselves during the remaining part of the night, at the house of an obliging dame, who maintained a troop of fair nymphs for the accommodation of the other sex.

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