IPA: ˈæbi


  • The office or dominion of an abbot or abbess.
  • A monastery or society of people, secluded from the world and devoted to religion and celibacy, which is headed by an abbot or abbess; also, the monastic building or buildings.
  • The church of a monastery.
  • (British) A residence that was previously an abbatial building.
  • A diminutive of the female given name Abigail, from Hebrew.
  • A diminutive of the male given name Albert, from the Germanic languages.
  • A British surname.
  • (London) Westminster Abbey.
  • (Scotland) The precincts of the Abbey of Holyrood.

Examples of "abbey" in Sentences

  • The wealth of the abbey was immense.
  • He is the current abbot of the abbey.
  • The Abbey prospered until the reformation.
  • The abbey was one of the household monasteries.
  • Enclosure was piecemeal and prompted by the abbey.
  • The abbey is inhabited by women but overseen by men.
  • The abbey was a sanctuary, but only a temporary one.
  • It was the Munich Abbey Church of the Augustinian hermits.
  • In 910 the Hungarians ransacked and burnt the church and abbey.
  • Of this church the abbey had the appropriation as early as 1324.
  • The church is popularly known as the 'Westminster Abbey of the East'.
  • Some of the monastic buildings survive, to the south of the abbey church.
  • Records are sketchy and no specific maps exist of the era when the abbey was a flourishing community.
  • The 54-year-old said: We chose a medieval theme because the abbey is a historical site, and we wanted to complement that.
  • This was never going to be an easy matter to resolve, and it says much about the universal respect in which she was held by those on both sides of the argument that her abbey was the venue chosen.
  • You climb & climb & suddenly you emerge at Roncevalles I have to say that I found it as inhospitable as 30 years ago—there are a couple of restaurants, church of Saint James & the old abbey, which is now turned over for lodging pilgrims.
  • In truth, the popular misapprehension on this subject has not been occasioned by any obscurity in the colophons of the great printer, or in the survey of Stow, but merely by the erroneous constricted sense into which the word abbey has passed in this country.
  • Item, the said abbot hath alienate and sold the jewels and plate of the monastery, to the value of five hundred marks, _to purchase of the Bishop of Rome his bulls to be a bishop, and to annex the said abbey to his bishopric, to that intent that he should not for his misdeeds be punished, or deprived from his said abbey_.

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