IPA: ˈæbʌt


  • The superior or head of an abbey or monastery.
  • The pastor or administrator of an order, including minor and major orders starting with the minor order of porter.
  • A layman who received the abbey's revenues, after the closing of the monasteries.
  • (archaic, British slang) A brothel-owner's husband or lover.
  • (archaic, British slang) A ponce; a man employed by a prostitute to find clients, and who may also act as a bodyguard or equivalent to a bouncer.
  • A surname.
  • A town in Piscataquis County, Maine, United States, named after a John Abbot.

Examples of "abbot" in Sentences

  • He is the current abbot of the abbey.
  • The current abbot of the abbey is him.
  • The abbot removes the grain and he dies.
  • The hermit Gebino was appointed the first abbot.
  • These vows are taken in the presence of the Abbot.
  • Raimondo is risen in the order to the rank of Abbot.
  • The Abbot of the monastery is the Bishop of the Diocese.
  • He was Abbot of Redwall in the time of Martin the Second.
  • The dweller in the laura was under an archimandrite or abbot.
  • Coelchu was the abbot of the School of Clonmacnoise in Ireland.
  • Address by the abbot of Montecassino (who, as territorial abbot, is also the ordinary of Cassino):
  • The bishops of Kildare were frequently called abbot-bishops and bishops of Leinster down to the Synod of Kells.
  • The word abbot — abbas in Latin and Greek, abba in Chaldee and Syriac — came from the Hebrew ab, meaning father.
  • Except on one point: all of them agreed that the knight who had first defied the abbot was a Nordic wolfman of some sort.
  • Our parents were taken from us when we were young, and after that the abbot was our father, and the monks were our family.
  • Our Lady's Chapel has a bold kind of portal, and several ceilings of chapels, and tribunes in a beautiful taste: but of all delight, is what they call the abbot's cloister.
  • When, therefore, any one shall receive the name of abbot, he ought to rule his disciples with a twofold teaching: that is, he should first show them in deeds rather than words all that is good and holy.
  • “Why, well,” said the youth, “if the abbot is a man of respectability becoming his vocation, and not one of those swaggering churchmen, who stretch out the sword, and bear themselves like rank soldiers in these troublous times.”
  • Obedience to the abbot is the most obvious form of this, but that obedience itself refers to the life and health of the whole community, since the abbot exercises discipline only in that context, and is ultimately accountable in those terms.
  • Placidi ", purporting to be written by one Gordianus, a servant of the saint, on the strength of which he is usually described as abbot and martyr, is really the work of Peter the Deacon, a monk of Monte Cassino in the twelfth century (see Delehaye, op.cit. infra).

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