IPA: ʌbrˈivieɪtɝ


  • A person who abbreviates or shortens.
  • (Roman Catholicism, historical) One of a college of seventy-two officers of the papal court whose duty was to make a short minute of a decision on a petition, or reply of the pope to a letter, and afterwards expand the minute into official form.

Examples of "abbreviator" in Sentences

  • Soltau; Dietrich remained as before a papal abbreviator.
  • Colonia; Peter of Aquila (d. about 1370), who as abbreviator of
  • Urban VI conferred on him the lucrative and important office of abbreviator et scriptor in the papal chancery
  • Latini (1230-94) merely reproduces in this respect the compilations of C. Julius Solinus, the abbreviator of Pliny.
  • Cardinal Parizzio, and Paul III appointed him judge of the Capitol, papal abbreviator, and referendary of both signatures.
  • Julius Paris is an abbreviator of Valerius Maximus, and lived at the end of the fourth century or the beginning of the fifth.
  • What an abbreviator and clawer off of lawsuits, reconciler of differences, examiner and fumbler of bags, peruser of bills, scribbler of rough drafts, and engrosser of deeds would he not make!
  • Under the pontificate of his former pupil Paul II (1464-1471), he returned to Rome and was appointed a papal abbreviator, but became involved in fresh quarrels in 1465 he visited Crete and Byzantium, and then returned to Rome, where he wrote the account of the martyrdom of Bl. Andrew of Chios
  • Bulls, and by no means the emoluments accruing to the recipient of the favour or benefice conferred by the Bull, and declares that whoever shall charge more than the tax fixed by him shall be suspended for six months from office, and upon a second violation of the law, shall be deprived of it altogether, and if the delinquent be an abbreviator, he shall be excommunicated.

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