IPA: biˈeɪ


  • (Egyptian mythology) A being's soul or personality, represented as a bird-headed figure, which survives after death but must be sustained with offerings of food.
  • (colloquial and in direct address) Father, baba.
  • (historical) A medieval football game played in parts of Scotland around Christmas and New Year.
  • Initialism of Bachelor of Arts. [A collegiate degree, usually involving three to four years of study (about 120 semester hours) in liberal arts.]
  • Initialism of Business Analyst.
  • (Internet, security) Initialism of Basic Authentication.
  • Abbreviation of bathroom. [A room containing a shower and/or bathtub, and (typically but not necessarily) a toilet.]
  • Initialism of British Airways.
  • Initialism of Buenos Aires. [The capital city of Argentina.]
  • (overprint on British stamps) Initialism of British Administration (usually followed by a place name).
  • Abbreviation of Bali, a province of Indonesia. [A province of Indonesia, primarily made up of the island of Bali.]
  • Abbreviation of Bahia, a state of Brazil. [A state of the Northeast Region, Brazil. Capital: Salvador]
  • (in real estate ads) Abbreviation of bathroom. [A room containing a shower and/or bathtub, and (typically but not necessarily) a toilet.]
  • (music, Japan) Abbreviation of bass guitar (of a rock band) [A long-necked and solid-bodied stringed instrument (chordophone), tuned to produce bass or low notes, usually with a fretted fingerboard and four thick strings, and requiring the use of an amplifier.]


  • (euphemistic) Initialism of bad-ass.

Examples of "ba" in Sentences

  • BA Blog and the book are different.
  • Ba is currently fighting in the war.
  • Ba du ba dop, ba du bop, ba du ba dop.
  • Ba is a specialist in tumor immunology.
  • Featherweights with the BA along the way.
  • Ba was then converted into a Qin commandery.
  • It's composed of the Khmer letters ba, ba and ro.
  • Shipping agents who used horses were called ba-shaku 馬借.
  • The pagoda entrance is on the banks of the Dong Ba canal.
  • Barium sulfide is the chemical compound with the formula BaS.
  • The monk was the first person to exhort Ba Khin to start teaching.
  • In Japanese numerology, the number 389 bears a phonetic resemblance to the word sa ba ku “desert”.
  • Tamil language has no 'bha' alphabet, it is just 'pa' which is used interchangably with 'ba' - that's why the 'baath' I guess :
  • They are clearly miniature “houses for the gods,” as witnessed both by their clear architectural form and by the fact that in all West Semitic languages Canaanite, Phoenician, Punic, Aramaic, Hebrew, etc. the word ba¯yit/bêt is translated as both “house” and “temple.”
  • Among the dishes served at that March 29 meal was potage brunoise, the recipe for which calls for a bain marie, a cooking technique adopted by Mexican chefs and called a baño maria, used to make a jugo de carne very similar to the meat broth used in making potage brunoise.
  • So, much as I’m weary of western politicians who couldn’t tell the Ka’ba from a peach cobbler going on about how extremists are “perverting” Islam — how the hell do they know? — this article, which got its author suspended from his radio talk show hosting job for its claim that “Islam is a terror organization,” is truly, profoundly stupid.
  • At twelve o'clock (noon) the next day the English engineers, with a party comprising all the Brazilian swells of Lagôa Dourada, proceeded to a valley within the village to lay the first chain for the exploration of the mountains which divide the watershed of the Rio São Francisco and the Paraopéba from the Carandahy and Rio Grande, for the prolongation of the Dom Pedro Segunda Railway.

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