IPA: bieɪˈeɪ


  • (onomatopoeia) The characteristic cry or bleating of a sheep.
  • The letter ب in the Arabic script.
  • Initialism of Broad Agency Announcement.
  • Initialism of Business Associate Agreement: under HIPAA, a contract to protect personal health information


  • To make the characteristic cry of a sheep.

Examples of "baa" in Sentences

  • He talks to baa clearly about this.
  • And Chiyo baa sama saw that in Sakura.
  • Baas, why the belligerence in your tone
  • Baa gets a heart attack listening to this.
  • I simply do not support Kevin Baas on this.
  • But I want it to work for the BAA draft pages.
  • It is located in the northern part of the Baa Atoll.
  • That is currently under review by the BAA in the UK.
  • That, however, is another sect known as baa-baa yoga.
  • In almost all cases, the form baa baa or baa baa is used.
  • BAA is a not for profit organization and i am on there Board.
  • Upper Egyptians eat a bread called bittaw, straight from its ancient name baa tw.
  • They could perhaps be trained to make lively, cheerful song and dance numbers in a kind of baa-llywood stylee.
  • But then a gang of young, over-enthusiastic woollies with protectionist leanings aka baa-aad lambs get wind of the secret negotiations.
  • However all the sudden the little 'baa'ing is becoming quite deafening ... can't blame a girl for expecting a reenactment of 1984 at any moment.
  • It's rather tiresome that they don't get it, but the Heroine of Tuzla is egging them on in this and they are good little clintonistas and say "baa" and trot right along.
  • Telegraph | News | Year-long probe to find council heckler: It has taken more than 12 months and cost about 10,000 pounds, but a council is finally on the verge of discovering the identity of a man who kept saying 'baa' during a planning meeting.
  • Mr. _Osmore_ stated his complaint, and the president of our committee replied, and stated ours; and among other things, observed that the word "_baa_," had no more meaning than a thousand other senseless cries, uttering constantly from the throats of idle, thoughtless boys; and begged Mr. Osmore to explain how such an unmeaning sound could be construed into an insult to him; that if he and his officers should cry _baa! baa! baa!

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