IPA: bˈɑz


  • (South Africa) An employer, a boss. Frequently as a form of address.
  • (computing) Acronym of Backup as a Service.

Examples of "baas" in Sentences

  • Baas, why the belligerence in your tone
  • I simply do not support Kevin Baas on this.
  • The word "boss" is derived from the Dutch baas, meaning
  • The word boss comes from the Dutch word baas which literally means master.
  • Farmers 'insistence on being addressed as "baas" or "missus" was not conciliatory.
  • Some told stories of being asked to address young white police officers as "baas" (Afrikaans for ` boss ').
  • The pamphlet said "the baboon is in office" and the "baas" (former provincial commissioner Chris Serfontein) had left.
  • The rest of the song has Mafokate pleading, tongue in cheek with the white "baas" (overlord) not to call him "kaffir" while the
  • He recalls, as typical suffering of his generation, the task of delivering a letter from his white "baas" (master) to another nearby white farmer.
  • He insults every black police man and woman in this country by insinuating that they will not be able to do their work without the supervision of the white "baas".
  • Mr Phosa said the "baas" mentality of the past no longer existed, and that if anyone called another a "kaffir", the aggrieved party should take the matter to court.
  • Party, Mr Qunta said it showed the critical role that needed to be played by Azapo in urging blacks to be self-reliant and not regard the white man as the "baas" of the old days.

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