IPA: bˈʌbʌsˈu


  • A tall Brazilian feather palm, Attalea speciosa, having hard-shelled nuts that yield an edible oil.

Examples of "babassu" in Sentences

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  • The most important of them, from an economic point of view, is the babassu.
  • People and the Palm Forest: Biology and utilization of babassu palms in Maranhão, Brazil.
  • Other airlines have already tested algae and oil from the jatropha plant and the babassu nut.
  • I've never seen a babassu nut, but it's amazing that it helped power an airplane the size of a 747.
  • Mrs. Lopes rallied the women to stand in the path of a bulldozer bearing down on their babassu palm forest.
  • The plane's one engine flew successfully using fuel derived from a mixture of Brazilian babassu nuts and coconuts.
  • I was interested to see that Virgin Atlantic flew a 747 from London's Heathrow Airport to Amsterdam, fueled partly by coconuts and Brazilian babassu nuts.
  • On Sunday, Virgin Airlines flew a jumbo jet from London to Amsterdam powered in part by coconuts ( "a biofuel mixture of coconut and babassu oil" to be more precise).
  • Virgin Atlantic in 2008 became the first airline to fly with biofuel—in that instance derived from coconut and babassu palm oil that was used in a 20% mix in one of the Boeing 747's four fuel tanks.

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