IPA: bˈæbɫɝ


  • Someone who babbles.
  • Any of several passerine birds, of the families Timaliidae and Paradoxornithidae (both found in Asia, Africa) and Pomatostomidae (found in Australia).
  • (dated) A hound who is too noisy on finding a good scent.

Examples of "babbler" in Sentences

  • The tempo is frequently slow for a babbler.
  • This babbler is large and dark rufous with a grey forehead.
  • The genus has long been placed in the babbler family Timaliidae.
  • The Taiwan ren babbler was once treated as a subspecies of this species.
  • But you must accept Fischer is not an almost maniac babbler all the time.
  • It also holds the isolated southern population of the Striped Tit babbler.
  • The Arrow marked Babbler is a medium sized babbler, in length and weighing.
  • It is the studbook holder for the red crested turaco and Mount Omei babbler.
  • The case for the wrentit being a babbler, or it's own family, is nothing new.
  • Surely the serpent will bite without enchantment; and a babbler is no better.
  • Opinions on the correct taxonomic placement for the rail babbler have differed.
  • And how on this earth can 73% of Republicans approve of this incoherent babbler?
  • Just think ..... only seven more months and we will no longer have to listen to this ancient babbler!
  • The second guy totally blows off Gibbs, gets up, talking the whole time, and walks out on him .... what a face slap for the babbler!
  • Abyssinian catbird, Parophasma galinieri (protonym, Parisoma Galinieri), also known as the Ethiopian catbird or as the juniper babbler, photographed at the Bale Mountains, Ethiopia (Africa).
  • Plumage characters suggest that the Abyssinian catbird is a babbler whose nearest relative may be the bush blackcap, Lioptilus nigricapillus, found in the thickets and forests of eastern South Africa.
  • Some of his hearers were disposed to treat him with contempt; they represented him as an ignorant "babbler," who had picked up a few scraps of learning, and who now sought to palm them off as a "new" philosophy.
  • As they afforded our apostle no better title than that of a "babbler," chap.xvii. 18, so for a long time they kept up the public vogue in the world, that Christianity was the religion of idiots and men illiterate.
  • It is pretty clear that they were to some extent under the influence of pique and irritation when they noticed his deviations from the established faith, and applied to him the epithet of "babbler;" but Paul was not the man to be put down either by irony or insult; and at length it was found necessary to allow him a fair opportunity of explaining his principles.
  • Wisdom will teach us to enchant the serpent we are to contend with, rather than think to out-hiss it (v. 11): The serpent will bite if he be not by singing and music charmed and enchanted, against which therefore he stops his ears (Ps.lviii. 4, 5); and a babbler is no better to all those who enter the lists with him, who therefore must not think by dint of words to out-talk him, but be prudent management to enchant him.

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