IPA: bˈeɪbɫaɪk


  • Resembling or characteristic of a babe or infant.

Examples of "babelike" in Sentences

  • But she spoke in a fast staccato, so she didn’t come across as babelike.
  • He is trim, brown-haired, nice-looking for a regular guy; babelike for a scientist.
  • If you want a babelike 30-year-old hanging around the house, by all means, buy that car for them … the shiny red one!”
  • This innocent daring, this babelike ripping up of serviceable conventions -- God knows what advantage such men might take of it.
  • Also: Parallel-universe physicist Brian Greene is "nice-looking for a regular guy; babelike for a scientist," and as capable as debating vegan cheese as string theory, reports Monica Hesse...

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