IPA: bˈæbɪrˈusʌ


  • Any of several mammals in the genus Babyrousa in the pig family Suidae, in which the upper tusk grows upward.

Examples of "babirusa" in Sentences

  • Every male babirusa has to ponder this question.
  • The babirusa is a social animal that moves in groups.
  • The babirusa is thus considered something of a delicacy.
  • The babirusas are protected in Indonesia and poaching is illegal.
  • The central Sulawesi babirusa population is likely to be very rare.
  • The babirusa, a four tusked pig, can be found in Indonesia as well.
  • Todd, One of Three (I'm going with Son this week), Larry, and dmorris knew that the the babirusa was the animal in question last week.
  • In a curious parallel to this combination of anatomical features, the word babirusa combines babi, meaning pig, with rusa, meaning deer.
  • I'm surprised so many people knew what the name was of that stinkin 'animal, I thought a babirusa was an Italian disco dancer from the 70's.
  • The birds, the mammals, the insects of Celebes were distinct from what he had seen in Sarawak, and an animal called the babirusa impressed him especially.
  • If you guessed that last week's animal was the babirusa, then you should turn off the Discovery Channel and back away from the TV, because that's something you really have no need to know.
  • These endemic species include the endangered mountain anoa (Bubalus quarlesi) and crested macaque (Macaca nigra) and the vulnerable babirusa (Babyrousa babyrussa) and Sulawesi montane long-nosed squirrel (Hyosciurus heinrichi).
  • Besides the aforementioned babirusa and the anoas, this includes the Sulawesi palm civet (Macrogalidia musschenbroekii, VU), which as the name suggests is found only on Sulawesi in lowland and montane forests to 2,600 meters, and around 25 species of rodents.

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