IPA: bˈæbkʌ


  • A Central and Eastern European coffee cake flavored with orange rind, rum, almonds, and raisins; or with some single flavoring, e.g. chocolate, lemon, etc.

Examples of "babka" in Sentences

  • But Babka rose quickly in the party.
  • The babka is usually topped with streusel.
  • This would be an inaccurate quote of Babka.
  • And Babka even received a death threat via email.
  • I've never had babka but the ingredients sound amazing
  • Babka was in the lead for the first four of the six rounds.
  • Potato babka is a savoury dish, popular especially in Belarus.
  • The Chairman invited Babka to start a local chapter for the party.
  • Babka was not able to beat Oerter's throw and finished with the silver.
  • • Easter bread and cakes of all kinds, particularly a yeasty cake called babka
  • "When did I last crave a babka?" mused 46-year-old Emily Katz, who grew up in the area.
  • I really don't know why it wasn't labeled a "babka"-perhaps they just thought some people wouldn't know what that was.
  • The foods traditionally blessed by a priest for Easter can be placed in three categories: breads (particularly a yeasty cake called babka), meats (ham, veal, suckling pig, sausage, bacon) and dairy products (butter, cheese, eggs or pisanki-often beautifully decorated by hand).
  • Shoyer, the owner of Paula's Parisian Pastries Cooking School in the Washington D.C., area, spends more than 300 pages modernizing Jewish classics such as babka, honey cake and hamentaschen and creating kosher versions of today's trendiest desserts - favorites like red velvet cupcakes.

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