IPA: bʌbˈu


  • Dated form of babu. [(India) A Hindu title of respect, equivalent to Mr., usually appended to the surname of a Hindu man]

Examples of "baboo" in Sentences

  • Baboo has grown constantly ever since.
  • A pumpkin monster planted by Squatt and Baboo.
  • At the end of 2009 Baboo posted a turnover of 73 million CHF.
  • Finster and Baboo hammered out his sword that had magical powers.
  • Toni was going to have to take some time off from work to watch the baboo.
  • A career woman, marital artist, take-no-prisoners gal who now got mushy whenever her little baboo smiled at her.
  • Literature, "and is well stocked with" baboo "English -- clerkly English, hooky English, acquired in the schools.
  • Once again the 'baboo' bureaucracy in Pakistan went to the extreme to screw the very people who sweat day in and day out to pay their salaries.
  • I had a messenger from him today with a flannel undershirt which I had left behind like a gibbering idiot; and perpetrated in reply another baboo letter.
  • The native staff of a garden consists of, say, two baboos, or book-keepers and clerks, a doctor baboo, sirdars or overseers, and chowkidars or line watchmen.
  • His head baboo begged me to come over and take charge, if only to reassure the coolies, who had been running off into the jungle on the report of a threatened Naga raid.
  • The impassive European, with all the proud consciousness of a conquering race; the half-Europeanized baboo; the deposed rajah, -- all may be seen driving to and fro in splendid equipages, drawn by handsome steeds, and followed by servants in gay Oriental attire.

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