IPA: bʌbˈun


  • An Old World monkey of the genus Papio, having dog-like muzzles and large canine teeth, cheek pouches, a short tail, and naked callosities on the buttocks. [from Template:SAFESUBST: c.]
  • (colloquial, derogatory) A foolish or boorish person.

Examples of "baboon" in Sentences

  • Because I had sex with a baboon.
  • This would make the Baboon bigger.
  • Baboons, for example, can be vicious.
  • Dyllan franks is an example of a baboon.
  • He appeared as an anthropomorphic baboon.
  • The giraffe and baboon are extinct in Eritrea.
  • As an example, consider human, chimp and baboon.
  • The baboon later remarks to another baboon I'll never do that again.
  • The baboons at the safari camp used to sit on the African termite mounds.
  • "Where is Mappo now?" asked a small baboon, which is another kind of monkey.
  • The baboon is clearly in motion, struggling with the extreme pain and torment.
  • The ape and the baboon are the most skilled of all animals in making their flight.
  • The baboon is a vegetarian but no bigot, and will eat mutton chops without protest.
  • "Take a letter to Kublai Khan, " I said to Mon Cul, pretending that the baboon was my secretary.
  • Is it racist if Rafiki the baboon is played by Patrick Ewing without any make-up in The Lion King?
  • He claims that he was called a "baboon" and a "criminal" in a unit where racist language was allegedly commonplace.
  • In his defence, Herselman argued that the word baboon was common in conversational Afrikaans and had no malicious or bad intentions.
  • There were dahlia and rhododendron plants, avocado trees and fuchsias, even a fascinating hairy-leaved thing called a baboon flower.
  • They found that drill-mangabeys and drills and mandrills shared numerous features that aren’t present in baboon-mangabeys and baboons.
  • One day, while we were eating a red monkey erroneously called the baboon, in Demerara, an Arowack Indian told an affecting story of what happened to

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