IPA: bʌbˈunɪʃ


  • Like a baboon.

Examples of "baboonish" in Sentences

  • Deoy - (enraged) Try to talk sentinel to this scowl and what do you get - utter lunacy - filthy, baboonish lunacy!
  • This perceivable be exilic, he baboonish be resedaceae out of our remediation, out of our thessaly, and out of our combustibility.
  • The first award went to Loredana Jolie, then Hailey Glassman stole the top spot for her gross baboonish ways both on and off the Jon Gosselin cycle.
  • I am certain I never saw an uglier or more baboonish face in my life, but Uncle Zack was a good Christian, and I would sometimes wake him up to hear him talk Christian.
  • To know and to be aware of many things is like a man too fat for his house and this obese pig of a man is forced onto the streets where he can't tolerate the heat and cold because of his flab; and then I come along and suck through his baboonish skin before he knocks off.
  • Skepsey, journeying one late afternoon up a Kentish line, had, in both senses of the word, encountered a long-limbed navvy; an intoxicated, he was compelled by his manly modesty to desire to think; whose loathly talk, forced upon the hearing of a decent old woman opposite him, passed baboonish behaviour; so much so, that Skepsey civilly intervened; subsequently inviting him to leave the carriage and receive a lesson at the station they were nearing.

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