IPA: bɑbˈu


  • (India) A Hindu title of respect, equivalent to Mr., usually appended to the surname of a Hindu man
  • (India) (Originally) a Hindu gentleman employed to work as a clerk for the colonial administration; now, a clerk or low-ranking government official.
  • A surname.

Examples of "babu" in Sentences

  • I'm quite a fan of Subhash babu.
  • It stars Mahesh Babu in the lead role.
  • He came to be known as Ambu babu or Raja babu.
  • Satish Babu was with the channel for a short stint.
  • Babu convinces the young couple to give him a lift.
  • One of his best friend and an unborn brother is Babu.
  • Babu Sampurnanandji was also an ardent freedom fighter.
  • Babu Bajrangi is just an attack stub with one sentence.
  • Both Karume and Babu had not been informed of the coup.
  • Babu Hardas was also a strong advocate of education to Dalits.
  • She had said herself that a babu read English books to her aloud.
  • That being a miracle, the babu forthwith wrought another one, and within a minute King's one trunk was checked through to Delhi.
  • The babu, flat on the ground, was turning his head to polish his spectacles; Bella Blair had her face hidden, but I noticed her fists were clenched.
  • One of the pandies stirred, and pulled himself up on one knee; Wheeler, his arm still round the babu, whipped up his revolver and fired, and the pandy flopped back in the dust.
  • From a printed curiosity -- a letter written by one of those brave and confident Hindoo strugglers with the English tongue, called a "babu" -- I got a more compressed translation: "Godville."
  • Wheeler himself was down on one knee, supporting the fat babu, who was wailing with a shattered leg; the frail civilian was lying asprawl, his cricket cap gone and his head just a squashed red mess.
  • The influence of Hindi in English is always there in the land of India where its national language, the colloquialism of which has been widely accepted by the Indians and even some words like Badmash, babu, maska and many more are introduced in English dictionaries.
  • A remarkable statement reveals him to be a 'babu': "He said many of the awardees will go abroad while others will study at home, but those who do not go abroad should not feel deprived, because, 'I know many men and women who excelled globally, but had studied in Bangladesh.'"
  • Someone came forward at a crouching run and laid two charged muskets on the ground beside me; to my astonishment I saw it was Bella Blair - the fat babu I'd seen reading the previous night was similarly arming the riding-master, and the chap on t'other side of me had as his loader a very frail-looking old civilian in a dust-coat and cricket cap.

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