IPA: bʌbˈʊʃkʌ


  • An old woman, especially one of Eastern European descent.
  • (by association) A stereotypical, Eastern European peasant grandmother-type figure.
  • A Russian grandmother.
  • (Eastern Europe, derogatory, slang) An old woman of Russian or Belarusian descent with unwelcome conservative and/or Orthodox Christian views.
  • A traditional floral headscarf worn by an Eastern European woman, tied under the chin.
  • A Russian doll, a matryoshka.

Examples of "babushka" in Sentences

  • The movie filming babushka lady was standing nearby to Brehm's right backside.
  • He called her babushka, or grandmother, as a sort of joke, although she wasn't much older than him.
  • Many Russian grandmothers wear scarves on their heads-hence the odd porting of the word babushka in America to refer to a head scarf itself.
  • And she said her grandmother, who was a-- "babushka" is the word for grandmother -- that it was like a magical event when babushka made this face cream.
  • Father Tikhon would not confirm this relationship; church rules don't allow him to say whether a babushka is confessing to him, never mind Russia's president.
  • Do you think it could be a kind of babushka-scarf that was longer and tied under the back of the head—sort of what Jackie Onassis wore when she visited Capri?
  • As to the stereotypes, I think nobody can beat people from the msot advanced country in the world who sees all Russians in 'babushka's shawls dring vodka during year long winter!
  • They take less care about their skin (and this is why they turn into a "babushka" at the age of 30, as one of my Italian friends said) than an average European (I noticed that, where a European tries to remove imperfections, a Ukrainian tends to hide the under a thick layer of makeup).

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