IPA: bˈeɪbi


  • A very young human, particularly from birth to a couple of years old or until walking is fully mastered.
  • A very young human, even if not yet born.
  • Any very young animal, especially a vertebrate; many species have specific names for their babies, such as kittens for the babies of cats, puppies for the babies of dogs, and chicks for the babies of birds. See Category:Baby animals for more.
  • A person who is immature, infantile or feeble.
  • A person who is new to or inexperienced in something.
  • The lastborn of a family; the youngest sibling, irrespective of age.
  • A person's romantic partner; a term of endearment used to refer to or address one's girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse.
  • (informal) A form of address to a person considered to be attractive.
  • A concept or creation endeared by its creator.
  • A pet project or responsibility.
  • An affectionate term for anything.
  • (archaic) A small image of an infant; a doll.
  • (often attributive) One who is new to an identity or community.
  • A surname.


  • (transitive) To coddle; to pamper somebody like an infant.
  • (transitive) To tend (something) with care; to be overly attentive to (something), fuss over.


  • (of vegetables, etc.) Picked when small and immature (as in baby corn, baby potatoes).
  • Newest (overall, or in some group or state); most inexperienced.
  • (in the comparative or superlative) Like or pertaining to a baby, in size or youth; small, young.

Examples of "baby" in Sentences

  • A baby crawls.
  • The baby, adorable.
  • The baby was crying.
  • The baby is sleeping.
  • A baby crawls on the floor.
  • A baby is somnolent and sleepy.
  • The sweet and lovable baby was a son of the couple.
  • She carries the baby to term, but the child is a stillborn boy.
  • Niall is the son Myra left on the church doorstep when he was a baby.
  • The baby son is quite cherubic, and has an obvious wound on his neck.
  • A simple ‘baby seat’ can help the baby hold a good position while eating.
  • Nope, in this case, the term baby brain refers to a state of mind, or lack thereof.
  • O'BRIEN (voice-over): The term baby daddy means a father who is not married to the mother of his child.
  • It’s a clump of cells that are not a baby until the woman has her *magic* thoughts and it turns into a *baby*.
  • I think the term baby brain could really be used to describe a wide variety of strange happenings—not just your lack of memory.

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