baby buggy

IPA: bˈeɪbibˈʌgi


  • A wheeled chair for the transport of a baby or infant.

Examples of "baby-buggy" in Sentences

  • "Guess you never drove anything that did have four wheels but a baby-buggy."
  • Ruby Rugby's brother bought and brought her back some rubber baby-buggy bumpers.
  • After dinner Thea took a basket, put Thor in his baby-buggy, and set out for Dr. Archie's house at the other end of town.
  • The convertible soft top folds down behind the back seats, taking up no space in the trunk yet leaving almost none of the unpleasant baby-buggy bunching.
  • While Thea was getting the heavy baby-buggy through the iron gate she heard some one call, "Wait a minute!" and Mrs. Archie came running around the house from the back door, her apron over her head.
  • Chisbah would hold still for a while, then suddenly he’d just explode out of the baby-buggy in a flurry of little dresses, tearing around the house growling, trailing little baby-ruffly-undies and bonnets behind him.
  • This does not mean merely that he should go out in his baby-buggy, or take a ride in the park, but that he should be able to play out-of-doors, to creep on the ground, to be a little open-air savage, and play with nature as he finds it.

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