baby carriage

IPA: bˈeɪbikˈærɪdʒ


  • (US) A cart that is designed for moving a baby around in a lying position.

Examples of "baby-carriage" in Sentences

  • A wicker baby-carriage stood on the porch of one of them.
  • You are likely to get run over by a baby-carriage any time.
  • "Your mother was still pushing you around in a baby-carriage then."
  • I rode in a rickshaw -- that is, a kind of large baby-carriage drawn by a man.
  • He came down and almost collided with a baby-carriage being pushed by a young Puerto Rican woman.
  • The advent of the baby-carriage has rather facilitated than hindered this old-time employment of the child in the last century or so.
  • Polly's sober face and emphatic tone made Fanny laugh, and at the cheery sound a young girl pushing a baby-carriage looked round and smiled.
  • In the grass around the cottage would be rusty trowels and a broken green bench and a baby-carriage with a wicker body that sagged to the left.
  • It was waiting for the dogs, who after a while emerged with their men: scrubby, yellowing animals with long foxy noses - and plumy tails carried low, hitched to the men with imaginative networks of old imitation-alligator belts and baby-carriage straps.
  • And around the grass and the baby-carriage and the cottage itself, around his whole world there would be the arms of Olive, a little stouter, the arms of her neo-Olivian period, when, as she walked, her cheeks would tremble up and down ever so slightly from too much face-massaging.

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