IPA: bˈeɪbifeɪst


  • Having a face that appears childlike, innocent, or youthful.

baby faced

IPA: bˈeɪbifeɪst


  • Alternative spelling of baby-faced [Having a face that appears childlike, innocent, or youthful.]

Examples of "baby-faced" in Sentences

  • The door to the closet opened, and I saw the larger, baby-faced man peer in.
  • Broke and hungry, I lived on the streets, until I met a baby-faced man named Brody Ellis.
  • He is a short man in a gray suit who manages to look both baby-faced and wizened at the same time.
  • I follow her into the house, pausing when she picks up the phone in the kitchen and calls her baby-faced lawyer.
  • One of them, a baby-faced guy maybe in his mid-thirties, with a black patch over his left eye, smiles and raises his beer at me in salutation.
  • Maggie took a sip of coffee and looked up to see Nadine coming across the dining room alongside the baby-faced police officer who had escorted them from the cottage.
  • It is worth a peek, however for the many cast members who went on to bigger and better things (Laura Dern, Christine Lahti and a baby-faced Ray Winstone are all very good; Lane is merely okay).
  • As I stood in the middle of the ballroom, smoothing out a crease on a white linen napkin and inhaling the sweet scent of lilies, the worst news I could possibly imagine was being delivered by a baby-faced representative from the D.C. Opera Company.

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