baby grand

IPA: bˈeɪbigrˈænd


  • A baby grand piano.

Examples of "baby-grand" in Sentences

  • During our visit, he sat down at his baby-grand piano to play and sing it.
  • The piano, a baby-grand, stood open, with dust on its dingy keys and more dust on its shining case.
  • "Seventeen," said Sarah, thankfully, "and if everything goes well I'll have my baby-grand in four years!"
  • Warm colors were her forte, but the baby-grand piano that stood off in the corner made her smile the most.
  • Clad in burgundy silk pajamas with gold stripes, Jerry Lee Lewis sat down at one of his home's three baby-grand pianos.
  • August lit the candles that were clustered atop the baby-grand piano in the corner, upon which rested the Devlin family Bible and a gold fountain pen.
  • The foyer was dominated by a large hall tree, and the living room contained not only antique bookcases and china cabinets but a pristine Victrola and a beautiful baby-grand piano.
  • My little baby-grand came over to stay while my daughters went to town to do some grocery shopping. we made our usual Thursday night supper of cheeseburgers, oven tater chunks and baked beans.

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