IPA: bˈeɪbiɫaɪk


  • like a baby

Examples of "baby-like" in Sentences

  • I was cornered and I felt very small and baby-like and unreal.
  • It was small, baby-like, at first, didn't halfway know what to do with itself.
  • So, putting my baby-like tendencies aside, I leaned back and let him wash my hair.
  • "It is a fresh face, it didn't have so many wrinkles, it felt baby-like," she says.
  • Upstairs at the Corcoran, Finch presents a number of other pieces that make the same effort at baby-like vision.
  • Geraldine Farrar characterized her as “a baffling ingenue who carried the inevitable parasol to shade her baby-like complexion, which she candidly confessed ‘took hours to fix up.’”

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