baby powder

IPA: bˈeɪbipˈaʊdɝ


  • An astringent powder used for preventing diaper rash, as a deodorant, and for other cosmetic purposes.

Examples of "baby-powder" in Sentences

  • I wanted children so badly, I could already smell their little baby-powder selves.
  • Ignoring the room's diaper and baby-powder reek, she distracted Zloty with Fuzzbutt and a holo mouse.
  • Update:: Cory notes: Yeah, and by that reasoning, we need region-coded cement, tee-shirts, baby-powder and oatmeal.
  • For years, I only wore natural perfumes, because everything I tried at a department store either smelled like nail-polish remover, baby-powder or something cheap from Avon.
  • The Transom then took the opportunity to ask Mr. Fekkai, who's in his early 40's, what had led him to part ways with baby-powder heiress Libbet Johnson, eight years his elder.
  • At recess, I would ask to hold a friend's Cabbage Patch doll, with its squishy, pudgy legs and subtle baby-powder scent and some hideous name that sounded both Biblical and medical, like Hepsabeth Cornelia.
  • What's really amazing is when he gets into why seizing liquids won't keep explosives off of planes, describing how you could make undetectable thermit canes, exploding baby-powder, deadly laptop batteries -- even explosive clothes.
  • In talks with nurses who retire early from the job, Parod learns nurses who once offered lots of care and attention to their patients, who gave them back rubs and baby-powder massages, feel overly pressured in the new environment that demands quick-moving medical care.

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