baby talk

IPA: bˈeɪbitˈɔk


  • (linguistics) The form of speech used by adults in talking to very young children.
  • (linguistics) The pre-language, and subsequent developing language, used by small children, incorporating crying, cooing, and babbling in sequence before the acquisition of adult language capabilities.


IPA: bæbʌtɔk


  • Alternative form of baby talk [(linguistics) The form of speech used by adults in talking to very young children.]


  • To speak in baby talk (form of speech used by adults in talking to very young children).

Examples of "babytalk" in Sentences

  • I think fluffy bunnies can use babytalk.
  • PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE tell me y'all don't talk to him in 'babytalk'?
  • "babytalk" during the act, or worse, doesn't spit out her gum before giving him a blowj ob.
  • Most of the time I get babytalk — gobbledygook — but I must say, you are well spoken and articulate.
  • Forgive me if my babytalk is not up to par but I hope I have gotten it far enough down to your level to understand.
  • Okay … Last nights Idol was just alright for me … Paris’s babytalk is gonna get her booted and she was one of my favorites in the beginning!!!
  • Also, research shows that talking to your kids using these cute words back to them, or using “babytalk” actually stimulates the language center of their brain and lets them know you are engaged with them.
  • If it sounded cool once, now “Sci-Fi” just sounds like babytalk, the linguistic equivalent of a duvet cover with cartoon aliens and robots on the rampage, or a lunchbox with rocketships and glow-in-the-dark stars.
  • The most irksome part of his act is the babytalk, used to flatter and throw into relief all that intellect, and there is a question of how much the comedy plays on snobbish reactions to a guy with long hair and Essex vowels name-dropping philosophers.
  • While we might take solace in our own anthropic prejudice, dismissing the nonsensical communiqués of such chatbots as nothing more than computerized gobbledygook, we might unwittingly miss a chance to study firsthand the babytalk of an embryonic sentience, struggling abortively to awaken from its own phylum of oblivion.

Examples of "baby-talk" in Sentences

  • And yes, chonitos is the baby-talk diminutive for calzones.
  • "Guess who just went pee pee on the potty?" my husband called out from the bathroom last week in the baby-talk way that all adults swear they'll never do until each and every single one of them becomes a parent and does it.

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