IPA: bˈeɪbihʊd


  • The state or period of infancy.

Examples of "babyhood" in Sentences

  • Yeah, way to go to extremes … I just figured, babyhood is over?
  • The Not Sleeping part of babyhood is so awful, so crazy-making.
  • I'm going to create an entry for the book 'Babyhood' by Paul Reiser.
  • I spend my babyhood going forth and back between Toluca and Papantla.
  • She moves so quickly; her babyhood is slipping away, even as I sleep.
  • Coppinger has raised guarding and herding dogs together from babyhood.
  • I'll pass along something I wish I'd known -- babyhood is very, very short.
  • The babyhood is slipping away, the times to hold him are fewer and far between.
  • Now, during her babyhood, is not, I know, the time to be full-out stressing about that.
  • But there was one matter for distress - in babyhood Jamie developed hyperactive and autistic behaviour and in 1961 he was placed in Smith Falls
  • If young women continue in babyhood, not understanding the meaning of getting fully dressed or wearing clothing, they will not understand the meaning of spiritual clothing.
  • July 01, 2004 at 12: 25 PM thanks lucinda! doesn't the first year go by so fast. i also feel sad that her babyhood is almost over: it has been such a lovely time, one she'll never have again. i just try to make sure i enjoy it as much as i can - no third babe for us.
  • And even Sunny Baudelaire, who had recently passed out of babyhood, is a phenomenon all to herself, not only for her very sharp teeth, which had helped the Baudelaires in a number of unpleasant circumstances, but also for her newfound skills as a cook, which had fed the Baudelaires in a number of unpleasant circumstances.

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