IPA: bˈeɪbiɪʃ


  • Like or suitable for a baby or a young child; childish

Examples of "babyish" in Sentences

  • But I suppose a boy thinks he is called babyish, if the name is fastened on him.
  • It is considered "babyish," however, to resort to this unless there is some very good reason.
  • Many seven to 11-year-olds revile her because she is a "babyish" reminder of their early childhood.
  • Two or three years later these games are apt to seem "babyish" to a child and to lose interest for him.
  • If the present goverment is 'babyish', then how about gracing us with an adjective for the now dead-and-buried ex MLP goverments!
  • "If you start doing that kind of babyish thing again, I'll sit on you and bounce up and down till you cry for mercy, " said Diana.
  • I like this baby bedding set at but it's not very 'babyish' in the sense of bunnies, teddy bears, bouncing frogs and whatnot.
  • Sometimes it's a situation like Disney, where the book has been turned into a cartoon that is viewed as "babyish;" sometimes it's a book like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, where parents think that because the movie is OK for their child, so too are the books.

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