IPA: bækʌ


  • an indehiscent fruit derived from a single ovary having one or many seeds within a fleshy wall or pericarp: e.g. grape; tomato; cranberry

Examples of "bacca" in Sentences

  • At morn when startin for mi wark, a bit o 'bacca's sweet,
  • But now our 'bacca's all give out, the men can't have their smoke,
  • Not a lot of work mind you, I got $5,000 one year for settin 'bacca.
  • "Niver heed that, they'll keep mi belly warm," said Tommy, "but th 'bacca's done, soa aw mun be making mi way shorter.
  • The Laurel, Laurus, was denominated from Al-Orus: the berry was termed bacca, from Bacchus; Myrrh, Μυῤῥα was from Ham-Ourah; Casia, from
  • Here they met the same tribe, (known as Wognie's,) and bartered "bacca" and "bissika," against "moro wappi," or fish, with which the camp was plentifully supplied in the evening.
  • To be honest it's a simplistic switch of words to go from Chew to Jew and merge it with the bacca we all know and love, so it's no surprise that someone beat me to the punch by about 30 years, I reckon.
  • _] [Footnote 19: Thus, while at some stations in New Holland clergymen explained in English the principles of Christianity, the thoughts of the natives strayed to subjects more familiar, and cries of "bacca" and
  • -- At daylight the party started forward, accompanied by a strong detachment of "black guards," who were much disgusted when the greater number of them were dismissed before they had proceeded far, no doubt wishing and expecting to share in the "bacca" or "bissiker," which would reward the pilots.

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