IPA: bʌkˈeɪnʌɫ


  • A devotee of Bacchus.
  • Someone who indulges in drunken partying; someone noisy and riotous when intoxicated.
  • (in the plural) The festival of Bacchus; the bacchanalia.
  • Drunken revelry; an orgy.
  • A song or a dance in honor of Bacchus.
  • (Trinidad and Tobago, informal) drama, ruckus, fiasco


  • Relating to Bacchus or his festival.
  • Engaged in drunken revels; drunken and riotous or noisy.
  • Alternative form of bacchanal [Relating to Bacchus or his festival.]

Examples of "bacchanal" in Sentences

  • The event promises to be a zap and conquer bacchanal.
  • A Hangover-style bacchanal, complete with zoo animals?
  • Bayou Bacchanal is only one stop for the festival lovers.
  • Steer Roast is an annual bacchanal hosted by Senior House.
  • In Latin poems, the term Edonis signified a female Bacchanal.
  • The students embark upon a secretive plan to stage a bacchanal.
  • Bayou Bacchanal is the official Caribbean festival of New Orleans.
  • How would such a bacchanal have been different in an adult free home
  • It portrayed the appearance of Manfred in the middle of the bacchanal.
  • Each Bacchanal theme is a portmanteau of Bacchanal and some other word.
  • It's the orgy, the bacchanal, that is to still the lamentations of the poor! "
  • Lena was explaining the word bacchanal when Violet and Glo arrived at the back door.
  • His quest for an unparalleled bacchanal takes him to Tokyo and then Berlin, where he helps organize a banquet giant panda paw and white tiger cub are on the menu in what was Hitler's underground bunker.
  • It's about a king who literally gets eaten alive by all the women in the play in a kind of orgy-it's related to the word 'bacchanal'-and I loved that idea of animalistic chaos and following our own desires. "
  • La Paulée had many satellite events, seminars, tastings and even an auction, but the big event was the Saturday night dinner, a bacchanal the likes of which my liver hopes not to experience again for at least another week or two.
  • As African-descended (including Indo- and Euro-Caribbean) peoples bring their cultures to urban spaces which are heavily policed, bordered, and confined, some interesting frictions emerge when the people break down fences (which occurred at Caribana) to join floats and dance behind enormous trucks with their booming sound systems, insisting on the politics of "bacchanal" (anything goes) and "chaos theory" while resisting the orderly ways of the state.

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