IPA: bækʌnt


  • A priest of Bacchus.
  • A bacchanal; a drunken reveler.


  • fond of drunken revelry; wine-loving; reveling; carousing.

Examples of "bacchant" in Sentences

  • The satyrs and the Bacchantes fell down senseless.
  • BAccHANT was trained and tested using 10 fold cross validation.
  • Garage door opener parts bacchant is now uncousinly for typhlopidae, subjoining and treacly uncharted distortion divided parji.
  • Sillakes, while Jason handed over to one of the members of the chorus the dress of Pentheus, and, laying hold of the head of Crassus, and, putting on the air of a bacchant, he sung these verses with great enthusiasm: --
  • He took the rose-colored little book, and shouting tossed it to the ceiling, and sprang about like a mad bacchant, and finally threw himself upon the carpet, rolling over and over like a frolicksome, good-natured child upon its nurse's lap.
  • A fat, stalwart, bacchant, boorish race they are, giving signs of anything but fasting and flagellation; and I know of nothing that would so dissipate the romance which invests monks and nuns in the eyes of some, like bringing a ship-load of them over to this country, and letting their admirers see and smell them.

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