IPA: bˈækɪnt


  • a priestess of Bacchus
  • a female bacchanal

Examples of "bacchante" in Sentences

  • The satyrs and the Bacchantes fell down senseless.
  • Bacchus being carried by a satyr brandishing a thyrsus, and a torch-bearing bacchante.
  • Molly driving a car in Jamaica will be like Pavlova doing a bacchante on the point of a needle!
  • “In very truth, ” thought Grainier, “it is a salamander—a nymph—’tis a goddess—a bacchante of Mount Mæ nalus!
  • Wherever she came there was laughter among the ladies, of the high hysteric bacchante kind, not true mirth, but
  • Daring beauty, wild, lovely bacchante, with black, beaming eyes, tempt us not with that bright flame to destruction!
  • Hung with flowers, she looked like a bacchante, with one beautiful arm and shoulder showing bare through her mantle of tumbled hair.
  • I perceived her, under the heavy procession of his words, a figure of astounding romance, an adventuress incomparable, a Polynesian bacchante.
  • The women—bare shouldered, their hair à la bacchante, with long curls at the back entwined with vine leaves and bunches of grapes—waltzed around the staid little queen.

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