IPA: bˈɑk


  • (New Zealand, northern) A holiday home, usually small and near the beach, often with only one or two rooms and of simple construction.
  • A surname from German.
  • (music) Johann Sebastian Bach, a German organist and composer.
  • A surname from Vietnamese.
  • (music) A motif consisting of the notes B flat, A, C, B natural.
  • (colloquial) Clipping of bachelorette. [(Canada, US) An unmarried woman.]


  • (US) To live apart from women, as during the period when a divorce is in progress.

Examples of "bach" in Sentences

  • Bach died a Christian proselyte.
  • Bach on the large cathedral organ.
  • It's not a general talkfest on Bach.
  • Bach is still a disambiguation page.
  • But then Bach is famous and he's not.
  • Bach or Beethoven is good for a start.
  • Bach is regularly featured in the media.
  • Sebastian Bach is discernible in the harmonization.
  • The song's title refers to an aphorism by Richard Bach.
  • Vaughan Roderick (Welsh): Dime dime dime, hen blant bach
  • *A NZ holiday cabin was/is called a bach pronounced batch.
  • That's why, I guess, I'm what they call a "bach" at forty-four.
  • The Dorset Bach Cantata Club remains the only one of its type in the country.
  • "Don't you know any house, or any place, where we could keep 'bach' together?"
  • "You can 'bach' it in the house as well as poor old Uncle Jeptha did, I reckon," this woman told the youth.
  • One exception is the metal Harvard frame — common in dorm rooms and bach pads — which requires a bed skirt for obvious reasons.
  • Five Famous People Who Died of Syphilis gary oldman, johann sebastian bach, Matthew Broderick, modest moussorgsky, rosie o 'donnell, spring equinox
  • Thu 10/15/09 11: 07 PM omgg i love lauren graham and i am soooo happy the she is coming bach to t. v..i am only going to watch parenthood because lauren in going to be in it … i am also a very big gilmore girls fan only because lauren is in it she is the best there is … I LOVE LAUREN GRAHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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