IPA: bˈækeɪk


  • Any pain or ache in the back.

Examples of "backache" in Sentences

  • Up all night with the backache again.
  • It causes backache and spinal curvature.
  • I'm dealing with a backache, really painful.
  • The pain may be felt as cramping or low backache.
  • This inner turmoil manifests itself in a backache.
  • Taking cyanide will truly relieve you of backache forever.
  • Relief from vaguely defined conditions like backache doesn't count.
  • ThE symptom you are trying to obscure, BACKACHE is undisputed by anyone.
  • It looks as though the massive chip on his shoulder is causing backache.
  • But, as he attempts to leave, he is overcome with backache and blindness.
  • She's at the ER trying to get drugs for her "backache" and lets some guy go off with her kid.
  • "Still, it's better than getting lost in a big squishy couch where you end up with a backache."
  • A gentle massage can often provide relief from problems such as backache, sleeplessness, edema, headaches and tension.
  • His pitch for a chair to help protect workers from backache included neither the word chair, nor any sums that were actually correct.
  • It's a job that's known to produce health problems such as backache, hearing damage and sore eyes, while the bacteria can cause asthma and pneumonia.
  • Back massage: This massage is helpful in case of various ailments such as backache, afflictions of muscles and it provides a good means for stimulating the back muscles.
  • a hundred that explain their symptoms as "stomach trouble", "backache", etc., who remain well enough to carry on, and who think their pains and aches inevitably wrapped with the lot of woman.
  • Still, the chiropractor had been treating him for a "backache" and adjusting him for two weeks, without ever suggesting a medical consult on what, to me, was a condition that should have put him into
  • I longed to comfort her, to tell them all that I was not at all hurt, that I had no pain whatever, -- even the backache, which is my almost daily companion, having left me since the fall, -- yet the terrible languor which controlled me seemed almost too great to be overcome.

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