IPA: bˈækhænd


  • (tennis) a stroke made across the chest from the off-hand side to the racquet hand side; a stroke during which the back of the hand faces the shot.
  • Handwriting that leans to the left
  • (Ultimate Frisbee) the standard throw; a throw during which the disc begins on the off-hand side and travels across the chest to be released from the opposite side.
  • The reverse side of the human hand.
  • (surfing) the hand towards the back of the board.


  • to execute a backhand stroke or throw
  • to slap with the back of one's hand


  • (of handwriting) Slanting to the left.
  • (of strokes or throws) In the backhand style
  • (ice hockey) Of a play that uses the back side of the hockey stick

Examples of "backhand" in Sentences

  • It's very weasily and backhanded.
  • It's a backhanded apology designed to be funny.
  • Also, thanks for the backhanded swipe at my locale.
  • I'm prepared to take that as a backhanded compliment.
  • That is a backhanded attempt at disrediting the Bible.
  • His backhand is better, and his net play is more adept.
  • Bozek immediately took a quick backhanded shot toward the net.
  • This is a backhanded attempt to get the homosexual reference in.
  • Editors don't tend to agree to even backhanded threats like this.
  • Davydenko makes light of an insouciant flicked backhand from Federer.
  • That may be a backhanded compliment, but it is some kind of compliment.
  • If anyone out here has any tips on hitting a consistent top-spin backhand, please fax them to Doubleday.
  • Cory Stillman's backhand from a sharp angle bounced off the goal post, then Booth's backhand went between Ramo's legs.
  • He converted a rebound on his backhand from the edge of the crease for his 11th goal, while Brown was off for holding Clark.
  • He added his second of the game - his ninth of the season - when he beat Elliott with a backhand from a sharp angle with 1: 53 remaining.
  • He was replaced by Jonathan Quick after Stafford made it 4-0 just 3 minutes into the third period with a power-play goal on a backhand from the slot.
  • The Sharks finally were rewarded when Boyle slipped a 35-foot backhand from the corner under Roloson's left pad and off the back of his other leg with 5.5 seconds left in the period.
  • Kovalev's 18th goal on a backhand from the slot made it 3-2 on a power play 8: 37 into the second before Tanguay got his second goal of the game - his 14th - on another man advantage at 13: 46.
  • The Blues had the best two scoring chances of the first period, but Stempniak's break-in backhand rung of the left post 1: 36 into the game, and Kiprusoff stopped Dan Hinote at the top of the crease with 12 minutes to play.
  • Today's players are extraordinarily skilful but I would still like to see them hitting a running top-spin backhand in the manner of Rod Laver while using a wooden-framed racket that weighs double the ones they use now and has a sweet spot a quarter the size.

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