IPA: bˈɑks


  • Senses relating to a three-dimensional object or space.
  • A cuboid space; a cuboid container, often with a hinged lid.
  • A cuboid container and its contents; as much as fills such a container.
  • A compartment (as a drawer) of an item of furniture used for storage, such as a cupboard, a shelf, etc.
  • A compartment or receptacle for receiving items.
  • A numbered receptacle at a newspaper office for anonymous replies to advertisements; see also box number.
  • A compartment to sit inside in an auditorium, courtroom, theatre, or other building.
  • The driver's seat on a horse-drawn coach.
  • A small rectangular shelter.
  • (figuratively) A predicament or trap.
  • (slang) A prison cell.
  • (slang) A cell used for solitary confinement.
  • (euphemistic) A coffin.
  • (slang) Preceded by the: television.
  • (slang, vulgar) The vagina.
  • (computing, slang) A computer, or the case in which it is housed.
  • (slang) A gym dedicated to the CrossFit exercise program.
  • (cricket) A hard protector for the genitals worn inside the underpants by a batsman or close fielder.
  • (cricket) Synonym of gully (“a certain fielding position”)
  • (engineering) A cylindrical casing around the axle of a wheel, a bearing, a gland, etc.
  • (fencing) A device used in electric fencing to detect whether a weapon has struck an opponent, which connects to a fencer's weapon by a spool and body wire. It uses lights and sound to notify a hit, with different coloured lights for on target and off target hits.
  • (dated) A small country house.
  • (colloquial, chiefly Southern US) A stringed instrument with a soundbox, especially a guitar.
  • Senses relating to a two-dimensional object or space
  • A rectangle: an oblong or a square.
  • (baseball) The rectangle in which the batter stands.
  • (genetics) One of two specific regions in a promoter.
  • (juggling) A pattern usually performed with three balls where the movements of the balls make a boxlike shape.
  • (soccer) The penalty area.
  • (aviation) A diamond-shaped flying formation consisting of four aircraft.
  • (geometry, by extension) A rectangular object in any number of dimensions.
  • Any of various evergreen shrubs or trees of genus Buxus, especially common box, European box, or boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) which is often used for making hedges and topiary.
  • The wood from a box tree: boxwood.
  • (music, slang) A musical instrument, especially one made from boxwood.
  • (Australia) An evergreen tree of the genus Lophostemon (for example, box scrub, Brisbane box, brush box, pink box, or Queensland box, Lophostemon confertus).
  • (Australia) Various species of Eucalyptus trees are popularly called various kinds of boxes, on the basis of the nature of their wood, bark, or appearance for example, the drooping box (Eucalyptus bicolor), shiny-leaved box (Eucalyptus tereticornis), black box, or ironbark box trees.
  • A blow with the fist.
  • (dated) A Mediterranean food fish of the genus Boops, which is a variety of sea bream; a bogue or oxeye.
  • A surname.
  • A village in Minchinhampton parish, south of Stroud, Gloucestershire, England (OS grid ref SO8600).
  • A village and civil parish near Corsham, Wiltshire, England (OS grid ref ST8268).
  • Short for horsebox (“container for transporting horses”). [(UK) A motor vehicle for transporting horses.]
  • (automotive) Short for gearbox. [An enclosed gear train.]
  • (automotive) Short for stashbox. [A box used to store a stash of something, especially illicit narcotics.]
  • (rail transport) Short for signal box. [A building, typically adjacent to or spanning a railway line, from where signals, points and (sometimes) level crossings are controlled.]
  • (lacrosse, informal) Short for box lacrosse (“indoor form of lacrosse”). [An indoor version of lacrosse played mostly in North America, and distinguished from field lacrosse.]


  • (transitive) To place inside a box; to pack in one or more boxes.
  • (transitive) Usually followed by in: to surround and enclose in a way that restricts movement; to corner, to hem in.
  • (transitive) To mix two containers of paint of similar colour to ensure that the color is identical.
  • (transitive, agriculture) To make an incision or hole in (a tree) for the purpose of procuring the sap.
  • (transitive, architecture) To enclose with boarding, lathing, etc., so as to conceal (for example, pipes) or to bring to a required form.
  • (transitive, engineering) To furnish (for example, the axle of a wheel) with a box.
  • (transitive, graphic design, printing) To enclose (images, text, etc.) in a box.
  • (transitive, object-oriented programming) To place a value of a primitive type into a casing object.
  • (transitive) To strike with the fists; to punch.
  • (transitive, boxing) To fight against (a person) in a boxing match.
  • (intransitive, stative, boxing) To participate in boxing; to be a boxer.

Examples of "box" in Sentences

  • The box is compressible.
  • Somebody is stuck in the box.
  • Such is the joy of the ballot box.
  • The box is shaped with angularity.
  • The box was filled with surprises.
  • The materials are repletion in the box.
  • The box is then placed in the warehouse.
  • In the title box, put your dream profession or dream title.
  • The object is returned to the box and the process is repeated.
  • In other cases, the box at the bottom of the page is also tempting.
  • » What do YOU do when your in box is empty? from The healthcare marketer
  • The school's boxing champ and apparently the only member of the boxing club.
  • Just move up from the title box a little bit and you will find the right place to click.
  • “o wait… is just cardbored boks…” *kittehs turn over box and look inside. a loud SPLORT sound can be heard from inside the box*
  • That's how this family grows: we lure them in with pretty words, and then BAM - we correct their grammar, ask them not to type in the title box and mock them when they write in all-caps.
  • The title box looks a little thrown together and not incorporated into the artwork, like the earlier ones, plus the credit box is much smaller than usual, as if the left hand panel has been shrunk down to fit in a smaller space.
  • The housekeeper vows that he never left his glass box at the foot of the stairs from the time Samuel went upstairs first to the time when he came down again, vastly agitated, at a quarter-past one, and sent a message; and during all that time _Denson never passed the box_!
  • VIEW FAVORITES yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'US envoy: Iraq war opened \'Pandora\'s box, \' civil war threat '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' The 2003 invasion of Iraq that toppled dictator Saddam Hussein opened a \'Pandora\'s box\ 'of ethnic and sectarian strife that has created the threat of civil war, the US ambassador to Iraq said in an interview published Tuesday.

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