IPA: sˈinoʊt


  • (US, informal) A one-hundred dollar banknote.
  • (music) The lowest note of an instrument, written below the staff and the D note.

c note

IPA: sˈinoʊt


  • Alternative spelling of c-note [(US, informal) A one-hundred dollar banknote.]

Examples of "c-note" in Sentences

  • What's funny is that now I'm motivated to send Obama another c-note ... maybe two!
  • "Then one day this girl came in and pulled a c-note out of her purse and bought it."
  • I have a c-note that ekidon is a small business owner who has been a life long “independent” …
  • The following week consumers/the people/citizens will see another c-note with a one week validation period in their accounts.

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