c program

IPA: sˈiprˈoʊgræm


  • a program written in c

Examples of "c-program" in Sentences

  • I have to realize a c-program, for school, that can insert data in a mysql-db.
  • There is not much difference between normal c-program and linux-based c program.
  • I want Des algorithm encryption, decryption c-program, please post to my mail maharshi_gogula@yahoo. com? en Español
  • - the code inside the data-nodes is general ... but incomplete (data-node later crashed) - there is no ndbapi and no SQL, the program testing is a hard-coded c-program sending messages using the ndb-cluster wire-protocol
  • - the result-set is not managed (the c-program just hangs) - hopefully converting this into usable code will be faster than last years post as ndbapi is now quite complete, and this is "only" an add-on. for a bit more background look at my presentation from MySQL Conference 2010. hard-core details:

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