IPA: kˈækʌ

Root Word: Caca


  • (Roman mythology) goddess of the hearth.
  • (childish) Excrement; feces.


IPA: kʌkʌ


  • have a bowel movement

cacalia javanica

IPA: kʌkˈɑɫiʌdʒʌvænɪkʌ


  • tropical african annual having scarlet tassel-shaped flower heads; sometimes placed in genus cacalia

Examples of "caca" in Sentences

    Examples of "ca-ca" in Sentences

    • Even the men proudly changed ca-ca diapers, right in the playgrounds.
    • The icing is so smooth and shiny it makes me want to shout "ca-ca doodly do-do"!
    • Just when President Obama expresses his support for an issue, said issue turns to ca-ca.
    • If the voting American public can't see through the hyperbole both spout publicly, well, we're in deep ca-ca!
    • It also jokes that the day is "sponsored by Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor or CACAH (pronounced ca-ca)."
    • Off topic, but with any luck, China will mow over North Korea and end this thing before the ca-ca hits the turbines.
    • And when the ca-ca hit the fan, and a formal inquiry was ordered, no one was surprised that the findings were kept hush-hush.
    • The anti-war left, including such notables as the utterly phoney Glenn Greenwald, who supported Obama fully knowing of his perfidy on FISA and other issues, is too caught up in the Obama ca-ca to serve any useful purpose.

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